GDPR Access Request Documentation

Under GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) a person may request a copy of their personal data. This is refereed to as a Subject Access Request (SAR). State authorities may make a State Authority Access Request (SAAR). These requests must be processed in line with the regulation and within one month of receipt.

Subject Access Requests are often the first step in legal action against organisations. State Authority Access Requests (Gardai, CAB, Revenue) are always in relation to suspected crime. It’s important to have the right policies and processes in place to keep your organisation compliant and avoid mistakes that make be damaging later.

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A GDPR document for processing State Body &
Subject Access Requests

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    The First Compliance Access Request Documentation

    The FREE First Compliance Access Request Documentation gives you a process for recognising and managing Access Requests. The process has been created by certified GDPR Compliance Officers. It includes the need-to-knows of the regulation, practical guidelines and a tried and tested process to manage your Access Requests with confidence and in compliance.

    Top Tips for Managing an Access Request;

    • Time is of the essence – act quickly
    • Confirm the requestors identity – it should be the subject
    • Not all business related personal data needs to be released
    • Be conscious of 3rd party data – it cannot be revealed
    • If you suspect litigation, seek advise early in the process

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