The internet and mobile technologies such as Laptops and smartphones  have become integrated into almost every aspect of our lives and are connected to many applications containing personal or sensitive data.

Individuals and are often unaware of the exposure that they permitting to their systems and how to react to an event. 

CyberSecurity – The Threats

There are a wide range of threats facing businesses today in the online and mobile threat environment. Cybercriminals can profit from and exploit the reputation of legitimate domains by breaking into their webservers and depositing malicious files. The economic impact of cyber-attacks is not easily measured as losses from cybercrime often go unreported or undetected by victims. Defence and remediation costs to service downtime due to attacks and reputational damage are difficult to quantify.

Information security should be on the agenda of every company – independent of size or complexity and of every individual within that company. Information is the lifeblood of every business and its theft, loss, misuse and unauthorised modifications or disclosure can have serious impact and consequences.

Major risks to business include malware and botnet attacks, phishing and social engineering, Domain Name System (dns) exploits, mobile and Voice-over-IP (voip) threats and hosting and cloud adoption. The tools used to defraud and steal information in the online and mobile environment today are increasingly sophisticated, providing criminals and fraudsters with an expanded toolkit. Are you aware of the strong aspects of your internet engagement and have you already identified the areas which need extra support?

First Compliance

CyberSecurity Risk Assessment

A risk assessment of your current computer network and internet facing systems

  •  Internet CyberSecurity SWOT Assessment
    including network design, server architecture, applications, mobility, personnel and cloud
  • CyberSecurity Review
  • CyberSecurity Policies
  • Managing CyberRisk including assets, vulnerabilities and threats

CyberSecurity Training

CyberSecurity training is the first step to Mitigate Social Engineering attacks. You and your staff are the primary target of cyber criminals who prey on the limited time and expertise you have on internet and mobile technologies. Spear Phishing is personal and targeted.

  • Social Engineering and Spear phishing
  • CyberSecurity Workshops for Staff
  • CyberSecurity for Board of Management

first Compliance can design and provide you with a training programme to suit the exact needs of your organisation

CyberSecurity Specialist Partner/Mentor

  • You might need ongoing support and advice. We can offer a retainer service where you have the support of experienced personnel provide advice as issues arise.
  • CyberSecurityHotline Support
    – Urgent advice on Suspected CyberAttack
  • CyberSecurity Planning
  • CyberSecurity Policy Development
  • CyberSecurity Helpline Support – General Advice

Advanced Network Intrusion Assessment and Mitigation

  • Scoping Corporate Impact of Suspected Unauthorised Internet Content or Activity
  • Developing a Penetration Testing Contract Agreement
  • Defence, Incursion and Remediation Plans

A CyberSecurity service to suit your organisation

With a depth of knowledge and experience we can help you to maintain a secure environment and to reduce the risk of data breaches or other attacks on your IT systems. We are mindful of the individual requirements of each organisation and will work with you to deliver a solution that suits your circumstances. Our CyberSecurity engagements typically comprise of one or more of the following;

  • Risk Assessment & Planning
  • Policy and Process Review
  • Partner/Mentor Support
  • Critical Event Management
  • Advanced Network Intrusion Assessment
  • Training

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first can help you to keep your data and your networks safe with industry leading advice and support.

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