How to protect your business against risks relating to GDPR

How to protect your business against risks relating to GDPR General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is often seen as yet another piece of legislation that puts more obligations on a business. Non-compliance can be damaging, however, many business managers have yet to take simple steps towards protecting against risks relating to [...]

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Identifying the Right External Support

Identifying the Right Data Protection External Support So you’ve decided to outsource some or all of your data protection functions; how do you know your trusted service provider is offering the right fit for your organisation? This article gives some guidance on selecting the right data protection external support. How to [...]

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EU Representation (for non-EU companies)

EU Representation (for non EU companies) If you are an organisation outside of the EU with any operation inside of the EU (staff, clients, customers) you are obliged to appointing an EU Data Protection Representative under GDPR. For many the most practical approach is to outsource their EU representation function.  Obligations [...]

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Outsourcing a Data Protection Officer DPO or Services

Outsourcing a Data Protection Officer DPO or Services As with any area of expertise data protection can be developed in house or outsourced to a trusted third party. This paper examines the data protection outsourcing options and analyses the risks to an organisation. When does it make sense to outsource? Data [...]

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GDPR and non-EU Organisations

How EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) effects non-EU organisations In recent days we’ve seen the US headquartered Marriot Hotel group, finned a whopping £99.2M for data breaches. This fine was issued by the UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). You may ask why a US company got fined by a UK authority under EU regulation – [...]

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Assessing and Recording Risk (Insight Blog 4 of 9)

Data Protection - Assessing and Recording Risk Risk is often managed by following best judgement and in many instances this is the best way to facilitate fast and informed decision making. However, to remain compliant with Data Protection regulation an organisation needs to document risk considerations in a structured way. Risk assessments need to [...]

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Top Tips to stay Compliant (Insight Blog 3 of 9)

Data Protection - Top Tips to stay Compliant and Avoid Liabilities Regulatory requirements sometimes seem to multiply and Data Protection can appear to add another layer of complexity for organisations. This can feel frustrating. These 6 top tips for Data Protection compliance can lighten the load. Firstly, remember that this regulation refers to personal [...]

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Compliance should not be difficult (Insight Blog 2 of 9)

Data Protection – Compliance should not be difficult Data protection is in essence a simple concept, and organisations that manage personal data should have an understanding of the basics. It is about respecting the privacy of personal data held. There are a couple of essential points to remember; define the purpose for processing personal [...]

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2019 – the year of Data Protection Fines

2019 – the year of Data Protection Fines GDPR has given organisations much to think about, and rightly so. While business do not typically intend on abusing personal data, many large corporate do – and they’ve been getting away with it for years. Users often have a casual sense of indifference towards how their [...]

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Data Protection and Brexit – What you need to know in less than 3 minutes

Data Protection and Brexit Updates from regulators on both sides of the Irish sea continue to leave us with an ongoing level of uncertainty. This is primarily due to the lack of a Brexit deal to provide direction. However there is general clarity on the issue of [...]

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